February 11

How to comment

Let’s admit: it’s not easy to post quality comments and for language learners, it’s even harder.
However, I’m sure you’ll embrace this challenge as any other and here are some tips – written instructions if you wish – for quality commenting.
Based on , here are some guidelines:
– Start your comment like a letter, including a greeting, content and a closing / farewell.
– Always check spelling, punctuation, grammar and spacing.
– Praise the author, add information and ask a question for further interaction.
– Make sure it’s a relevant comment, related to the post.
– Never reveal personal information about yourself in any comment. Ask your relatives to do the same and identify themselves simply by introducing their first name.
– Always check your comment before submitting.
Make sure you watch the amazing video below for any clarification:

As pointed out in classes, in the instructions above and in the video, it’s paramount that you are safe online at all times and digital citizenship can be taught through blogging.

Teaching Digital Citizenship Through Blogging

As EFL learners, you know that your participation is being checked and assessed for your final mark as discussed in class and according to the rubrics that follow:

Feel free to reach me should any queries arise.
Happy blogging!